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15 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The brain and the heart are the main organs in the body. If any one of them is crippled, catastrophe comes down. Considering the disease, however, the heart is more afraid. So there is a lot of research going on to keep the heart healthy and normal.


www.menshealth.com offers some ways to keep the heart healthy.

1. Sexual intercourse twice a week: Studies have shown that people who have sex twice or more a week have a healthier heart than those who have sex once a month. According to the American Journal of Cardiology, physical contact makes the heart function safer, just as clothing protects the body from temperature.

2. One cup of walnuts per day: Eating one cup of walnuts every day makes the blood circulation of the body effective. This is because walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and allow regular circulation of contaminated blood to keep the heart rate normal.

3. Keep a pulse record: After waking up, you need to measure your pulse before looking for anything else. Because at this time the body starts preparing to become fully functional again. So the heart also became active. Normally an adult will have a pulse rate of 60 beats per minute or less at this time. Doctors said that if it persists for a week, the local hospital should be contacted immediately.

4. Avoid polluted air: The amount of polluted air in the world has increased in recent times. According to meteorologists, the amount of pollutants in the air is higher in the morning in winter. Excess metallic substances in the air usually enter the body with inhalation and thicken the arterial wall of the scapula, which impedes blood flow.

5. Do Fist Exercises: Four weeks of continuous fist movement-extension exercises will also help lower your blood pressure. According to the Journal of Hypertension, you can reduce your blood pressure by about 10 percent.

6. Eggs will also be a companion: Bad news for those who say that eating more eggs increases the amount of cholesterol. According to Brazilian researchers, the vitamins E, B-12 and folate in egg yolks keep the coronary arteries clean. However, if one eats four eggs a day, he should forget about these studies.

07. Run regularly: This is a common method. However, to keep the heart healthy, doctors have advised to run at least three kilometers every day. In this case, they also requested to record the number of heart rate before and at the end of the race.

08.Control breathing speed: No, you are not being asked to breathe or exhale at your own pace. Do breathing exercises every day as advised by the doctors. For example, first complete six full breaths in 30 seconds. Then keep reducing the amount of time. This exercise will play a role in reducing the stress on your heart.

09. Stay away from fatigue: Do not let the fatigue of work sit on you in any way. For this, give importance to your choice to eliminate fatigue from time to time. According to a study in Switzerland, efforts to alleviate depression are close to 56 percent of heart attacks.

10. Put your head on the pillow in time: People with insomnia have a 45 percent higher risk of heart attack than others. Therefore, scientists have called for more physical activity every day to sleep as needed.

11. Keep reducing the amount of fat in the food list: The fat in the diet plays a role in making the heart dysfunctional. So keep reducing the amount of fat from the food list regularly, but do not go beyond the order of the nutrition list.

12. Add potassium rich foods: Continue to add potassium-rich foods to your daily diet. In this case, the medical experts have said to give priority to bananas and sweet potatoes.

13. Throw away energy drinks: Think of these energy drinks as 'enemies'. Because these drinks will not benefit you in any way, on the contrary, by raising blood pressure, you will collapse in an instant.

14. Drink cow's milk: The low fat content in cow's milk helps reduce the rate of low-density lipoprotein, a contraindication to heart function. In addition, the calcium in milk helps to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body.

15. Become a vegetarian: Scientists say that those who have at least one or two vegetables on their daily diet have a 12 percent stronger heart rate than others. That's why researchers have encouraged people to become vegetarians.

Increase interest in colorful vegetables. Because every vegetable in orange or green color will protect your blood pressure from irregular flow, which is also very beneficial for the functioning of the heart.

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