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Biography of Joe Biden

US politician Joe Biden has confirmed his victory in the US presidential election. He will be the 47th President of the United States, to be sworn in in January 2021.

We will learn many instructive and inspiring facts in the life of President Joe Biden who did not give up fighting the difficult situation of his life.

Although he has been in the White House for the first time as President, the White House has known him for eight years, since Barack Obama was President in 2009 and he has been the Vice President of the United States since 2016.

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942. Joe Biden's father was an established oil merchant at the time. His father owned an oil refinery. Biden was born in Pennsylvania, USA. His family was very interested in Catholicism. Before Biden was born, his father was financially well off, but later fell into poverty. The Biden family struggled financially because they did not get a good job.

They moved to a new home in Willingmont, Delaware. Biden's father then began working in a second-hand car dealership. Biden grew up in the midst of the financial crisis of the middle class. He was a good football and baseball player in his school life. Joe Biden began his political career in the late 1960's with the support of Democrats. 

Everyone at school laughed at him for stuttering:

The whole world keeps an eye on the US President's politics, foreign policy and economic strategy. What the US President said made headlines. Everyone will listen to Joe Biden. But as a child, Biden stammered. His classmates at school used to make fun of him. Those who went to play with him also used to laugh at him. 

Biden began reciting poems to recover from stutter. At one time stuttering decreased. He had to move to his grandparents' house as a child due to poverty. He became very popular in school sports. He also had leadership qualities from his childhood. Biden was also a 'class leader' at the high school level. He also had a reputation as a football player in the university.

Was a meritorious student, fell in love:

Biden stayed at his grandparents' home for several years because of his father's financial difficulties. He later moved from Clement, Delaware, to Willington, and continued his study at high school.

He went on to study at the University of Delaware. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1985. His double major at that time was history and political science. Besides, English was minor. It is clear that Biden was strong in his studies.

On his way back from the Bahamas after his first year of spring break, he met Nilia Hunter, a student at Syracuse University. Love at first sight. And with the pull of love, at one stage he left everything and became very focused on his studies. 

After graduating from Delaware in 1975, Biden went to Syracuse University. There he started studying law. In the meanwhile, he got married. Joe Biden tied the knot with Nelia Hunter in 1986. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1986. Biden was 76th in the class.

The way he started his political career:

Biden has been interested in politics since the 1981 election. However, he became more involved in politics. In those days, Biden began his career as a lawyer. Worked at a law firm in Wilmington, Delaware. While working there, he became vocal about politics. Although he worked for the Republican leader's law firm, he did not support the Republican ideology of politics.

He identified himself as an independent lawyer because he did not support Republican presidential candidate Richard Nixon at the time. In 1989, he went to war with a Democrat leader. Because of this, register yourself as a Democrat. The support of the Democrats began. In a short time, he made himself known on the stage of politics. Biden was elected to Newcastle City Council the following year.

He also set up his own law firm in 1981, shortly after becoming a councilor. His popularity and political acceptance caught the eye of Democrat leaders. The following year, the Democratic Party confronted Biden, a 29-year-old Republican, in a Senate election in a Republican-dominated area. Biden's opponent was Caleb Boggs, a popular Republican senator at the time. Biden's sister Valerie Biden was the campaign manager.

In addition, both his parents campaigned daily for Biden. Despite Biden's popularity, no one expected him to defeat Republican leader Caleb Boggs. But Biden gave birth to the accident in November. He lost to Caleb and was elected senator in Delaware. Biden became the fifth youngest senator in U.S. history.

Seen financial crises since childhood:

Biden has seen the family's financial crises since childhood. Although her pain has eased somewhat since she began her career as a lawyer, family tragedy has repeatedly hit her. His son Bo Biden was the attorney general of the state of Delaware. In January 2015, he (son of Biden) became seriously ill. he was diagnosed with cancer. Lastly his son died in May. Joe Biden was vice president at the time.

During a luncheon conversation with President Obama this week, he said he was worried about the financial crisis. He is a little worried about taking care of his son's family without earning a living. To avoid this, he and his wife told Obama they were planning to sell their home in Delaware. Then President Obama forbade him to sell the house and promised to give him whatever money he needed. In an interview with CNN, Biden is moved full of emotion by the story of his son's untimely death.

His first wife and daughter died in the accident:

Joe Biden married Nelia Hunter in 1986. Biden's three children were born there. But just one year after the birth of the third child, terrible things happened. He lost his wife and one-year-old daughter in a tragic road accident the night before Christmas 1972. His two sons somehow survived the journey.

He was elected as a senator at a young age. His fame spread. But this terrible tragedy in family life almost stopped his political career. Biden's struggle to raise a three- and four-year-old boy began. Biden later married Jill Biden. In 2015, Biden's family was again hit hard. At the time, cancer had taken the life of her 46-year-old son.

From senator to vice president:

Americans know Biden as a successful senator. He has been a senator for almost four decades. This responsibility can be said to be the basis of his long political career of 50 years. Senator Biden was at the top of popularity for almost four decades from 1973 to 2009.

He was chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee for a few days as a memento of the honor. Has worked at the policy-making level of US foreign relations. The American people are still grateful to Senator Biden for not going into direct arms attacks with the Soviet Union.

He was also involved in all important activities, such as peace talks with the disputed Balkan region and increasing NATO membership in the resistance against the Soviets. Joe Biden, a staunch supporter of peace, was a staunch opponent of the Darfur attack and President George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq.

From the beginning of politics, Biden has been vocal about buyer protection and environmental issues. Her role in the implementation of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been repeatedly discussed. Not only that, but since 1992, he has made clear his position on extending legal sanctions and extending the sentence, which in many cases does not fit his party's policy. However, his popularity in the team has not diminished so much.

He came forward as a US presidential candidate in 2008. At that time, Americans were fascinated by Barack Obama. That's why Obama went ahead in the team. Obama did not make the mistake of using Biden's experience and wisdom. He chose Biden as his vice president. Joe Biden will take over as vice president if Obama is elected president. He was the Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2016.

In the fight to become president:

Before running for president of the United States in 2020, Biden ran for office twice more. His drawn-out victory and popularity as a senator have always been the talk of the Democrats. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. In 1986, Biden first decided to run for president. But you can see the difference between the election battle at the Senate level and the battle for the presidency. That's why Biden moved away on his own.

Although on paper, Biden was defeated at the time. Physically, Biden's condition became critical. In 1986, Biden's brain was reported to have grown into two arteries. During the brain surgery, blood suddenly started to clot in his lungs. One more surgery is needed.

But Biden, who lost the presidency, returned to life once more. In just seven months, he returned to Delaware to become a senator. Then in 2008 he started fighting for the presidency again. The service lost to Barack Obama's skyrocketing popularity. But Obama embraced him as his best friend. Barack Obama served as vice president for eight years after his victory.

In 2016, Donald Trump surprised everyone and was elected US President. Biden's term expires next year. Leaders of the party chose Joe Biden as the primary and Democrat candidate in Kansas for the 2020 election. Biden is running for president for the third time.

Biden called for a vote, highlighting Trump's failures and whimsy. He has repeatedly spoken of unity to the common people. Many wondered how successful Biden would be in the face of Republican aggression. In addition, in most cases, the practice of being president twice in a row is seen in the United States. With all these challenges in mind, Biden has to go to the polls.

Politics is not before family:

Biden has given priority to family over politics. Within weeks of being elected senator, Biden's life took a turn for the worse. His wife Nelia and daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident. His two sons were also seriously injured. Biden wanted to leave politics because of this catastrophe. But at the insistence of the party, Biden was sworn in as a senator at the hospital.

Biden later married Jill Jacobs in 1986. They have a daughter named Ashley. Biden's family life was disrupted again in 2015. He lost his son Joseph to complications from a brain tumor while he was vice president. Biden withdrew from the election the following year to run for president in 2016, although he had plans to run for president.

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