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Details Information of FREE FIRE Game

Whether you play the game of free fire or not. However, you have heard its name, it is sure. And if you haven't heard, you have heard it in today's blog. This game is currently one of the most popular Battle Royals games. Which can be easily played on mobile.

Free fire has become a fast-paced trending game in just over a year. Other games such as Free Fire from Pubg. Mobile are also very popular in worldwide. Because this game can be easily played on low-end mobile. This means that the free fire game can be run or played on a phone with 2 GB RAM.

There was another reason behind the popularity of the Free Fire game. These are different types of features, characters, mission, items, skin, pet and collection.

The advantages of FREE FIRE game are:

Get a good gaming experience here. Comes with a small map. And the addresses on this map are often memorized by the players while playing. Due to which the players of this game get a different comfort while playing the game. In each match, only 45 players and 53 players joined. I'm talking about rank or classic matches.
Moreover, the graphics of the free fire game are not as realistic and detailed as Pubg. In other words, there are signs of weakness in the case of special graphics animation.
But Battle Royale games aren't just for high-performance devices, or PCs. Rather, it can be played on any performance mobile. And that is what Free Fire has made easy for us. Even confirmed.

The history and authenticity of the free fire game.

Freefire is one of the most popular mobile games in the world today. In 2019, Freefire won the first title of "most downloaded game in the world" on the Google Play Store. In 2020, Freefire became a big game for 100 million users.
But today, here we will learn a little more about the history of free fire. Who founded the free fire game? And how did the free fire game become so popular all over the world? I will know the details about this.
1. All the unknown facts of the free fire game:
You are not well aware of a lot of information about free fire. There is a lack of information among you, which we often think is one way or another, but it is different at all. What is the truth? That means we will now know various facts about free fire.
Many of you have been playing Free Fire month after month, year after year. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Don't know much. You can understand the history of the free fire game.
We will introduce you to the various facts and information of Free Fire.

  • Who is the developer of the free fire game?

So many will say, developed through Free Fire Garena. This means that the game brings new updates, as well as all the new scripts or programs that sort out the game. That is what has happened through developing.
Many will answer, of course the owner of Free fire is Garena. So Garena is the developer of Free Fire. But the free fire game developer is 111 Dots Studio, Vietnamese studio. Garena later took over the entire project. And it publishes it on the Google Play Store. Moreover, it also publishes in various app stores.
So Garena Company is the publisher of the free fire game, not the developer!

  • Free Fire Games in which country?
Moreover, if it is said that free fire game in which country? But many will say, Chinese. Since Forrest Lee (I don't know, Forrest Lee is the owner of Garena Company. RC Limited owns 14 shares of the company.) Is of Chinese descent. Besides, C Limited is also called a Chinese company.
But no, which country owns the free fire game? This question is actually the answer, Singapore! Because the game is publisher but not Garena. And Garena bills from the whole of Singapore.

  • Free Fire came before or pubji mobile?
Besides, you may not even know that Free Fire actually came before the Pubg game. That means the launch is before the Pubg game. The first mobile Battle Royale game is not a pubg, but a free fire.
If anyone says that free fire has come by copying Pubg. Then insult him face to face. Because Free Fire has come before on Android, not Pubg!
PUBG Mobile is an adapted mobile version of PUBG. Pubg introduced himself as the first Battle Royal game in various game streaming and YouTube videos. But if so, which is the first mobile Battle Royal game?
Then the answer would be, FREE FIRE. That's because Free Fire was the first to be launched.

Who or whom makes free fire? History of Free Fire:

Gang Ye and Forrest Li are the owners of Free Fire Games. And each of them is a millionaire, but Forrest is a billionaire.

The Free Fire game has been around for more than three and a half years. And this game is still going on. Looking at the 200 million users of the free fire game alone, you can tell that the game is really big. And the users of this game are much more active. Because many of them are addicted to games.
The Free Fire game currently has over 100 million users. Which acquired the game in 2020. As of August 2021, the Free Fire game has completed 1 billion downloads so far.

Character Method:
  • How many characters are there in the game Garena Free Fire? The character trajectory is followed, first when the Free Fire game was launched in 2017. However, the character system was added to the game in early 2018. And that brings about the biggest change in the game.
  • For example, Pubg games do not have different character skills and variety. You can use any character you want there. But, Garena Free Fire is completely different. 
  • There are different characters here. And a character has a kind of superpower. A character has superpowers. Some of them have special skills.
  • For example, the most popular character of Free Fire is Alok. Its superpower is that if he turns on his skill, he can run fast. As well as increasing his healing ability HP.
  • Moreover, the character of Crono, which is inspired by the world famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. He has another skill. That is, it can protect itself from any kind of injury or attack. Which is like a superpower.
  • The first two characters appear in Free Fire. The first is Adam. The second is Eve. The first four characters to be launched later are Andrew, Kelly, Olivia, Ford respectively. 
  • Free fire has launched more than thirty characters so far. Most of them have to be purchased through Diamond Top Up. Each character has a different skill and background story.
  • You can unlock up to four skills of any one character if you want. And you can add skills of different characters to these four skills. This means that 1 character has four slots, in which the skills of different characters can be added.
  • And if you want the skill of these 4 characters, you can get one of them.

Pet System:
  • Garena Free Fire has pet-like characters. It was first added in 2019. And this is actually an important feature of Free Fire. These pets have different power. Which provide special benefits.
Clash Squad Mode: 
  • The first clash squad mode comes in Free fire, during the game's second anniversary. Here any two squads will fight each other on a very small map. And there will be a total of 7 rounds. The squad or team that wins the first 4 grounds out of seven rounds will be the winner.
  • Free Fire Clash Squad Rank mode comes around 2020. This means that it has been created as a ranking mode. In order to determine the position of the players by playing this clash squad, who is playing the best? Whose rank is it?
  • In this Clash Squad mode you can buy a gun or a gun at your own cost. And you will get this coin game automatically. You can run the whole match using that gun or weapon. If you want, you can buy glue wall, grenade and other special items.
Kalahari Map:
  • The first map to be added to the Free Fire game is the Bermuda Map. Next comes the whole map. And the latest map of Free Fire is Kalahari Map.
  • Free Fire has a new update coming in 2021. Which we can see. Plus, you'll be getting rid of clutter you don't need. In other words, if a teammate dies, he can be brought back to the revive zone.
Elite Pass:
  • Free fire though launches in 2017 on the Play Store. However, in June 2018, the first Elite Pass came in Free Fire.
  • We all know that we have to unlock our base by playing games. Anyone who unlocks as many bases as possible will be able to pick up new collections and items if they purchase Elite Pass using Diamond.

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