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How To Make Money From Facebook (Full Guidelines)

Ordinary people waste a lot of time on Facebook unnecessarily. He stays up all day chatting or looking at who posted what.

On the other hand, extraordinary people try to learn how to use Facebook to achieve something good, to increase their skills.

Since you found this article with a Google search and started reading it with great interest, you must be one of the great ones.

Earnings from Facebook: 

In this article we will learn about some of Facebook's own systems for earning money directly from Facebook (such as: Facebook Monetization or In Stream Ads, Instant Article and Brand Collabs Manager program). Besides, we will also discuss how to pave the way for income from Facebook by using your intellect.

If you are new to Facebook, you must first understand the difference between a personal account and a Facebook page. Newcomers often confuse these two terms.

If you register on Facebook and open an account, that will be your Facebook account. And the Facebook account always represents your own personality.

On the other hand, the profiles created for your business or hobby from the Facebook account are Facebook pages. These pages are usually used for business purposes.

There is no special opportunity to earn money from personal account on Facebook. All the ways to earn money from Facebook depend on Facebook page.

Earn money with Facebook page 2022: 

  • Income from Facebook through Stream Ads 
  • Income from Facebook through Instant Article Program 
  • Income from Facebook through Brand Collab's Manager program
  • Earn money through Facebook by doing freelancing job
  • Earn money from Facebook by participating in various contests online
  • Income from Facebook by influencer marketing
  • Earnings from Facebook by selling products
  • Income from selling Facebook pages
  • Income from Facebook group 2022

There is a detailed discussion about the ways to make money from Facebook. 

01. Income from Facebook through Stream Ads:

As you may have noticed while watching the video on Facebook, some of the videos show small ads at the beginning, middle or end. These ads are called In Stream Ads.

Using In Stream Ads is a very lucrative way to earn money from Facebook. Nowadays, those who want to earn money from Facebook by uploading videos, their main target is to get approval from Facebook for such advertisements.

Terms of monetizing Facebook using In stream ads:

Once you open the Facebook page and start uploading videos as you wish, ln Stream Ads will not be displayed in your video. If you want to get In Stream Ads in the video, you have to fulfill some conditions of Facebook. The conditions are mentioned below.

  • Must have a brown Facebook page.
  • The number of followers on the Facebook page must be 10,000 or more.
  • Videos on this page must have at least 30,000 views in the last 60 days (viewed for more than 1 minute). Videos that are longer than 3 minutes will only be counted in this case.

Looking at the terms, it seems very difficult to make money from Facebook page, but in reality it is not something difficult. If you make 30-35 videos in advance and upload them together on Facebook, it is not very difficult to get 30,000 views in 2 months. Because, the number of users on Facebook is very high and they are always eager to see something new and standard.

Ways to find out if your page is suitable for displaying Facebook In-Stream Ads:

To find out if your Facebook page qualifies for displaying ads or if you can display Facebook In-Stream Ads in videos on your Facebook page, first login with your personal Facebook ID. Then click on this link and press “Go to creator studio” button.

If your Facebook page is eligible for monetization by displaying ads, it will have "Eligible" written in green. And if it is not suitable, the text "Not Eligible" will appear in red.

If you see the word "Not Eligible" in red ink despite trying to meet the conditions, take a good look at the above conditions on Facebook and try to understand which of them is not fulfilled.

If you meet the requirements of Facebook and the word "Eligible" is displayed here, then In Stream Ads can be launched from Creator Studio. In this case, Facebook will allow you to add In Stream Ads to certain videos automatically or manually.

Good to know, In Stream ads can be divided into three categories based on ad type and display time. These are:

  • Pre roll ads: The ads that appear on Facebook just before the start of a video are called Pre roll ads. This type of advertising is usually short-lived.
  • It is better not to use Pre roll ads in new situations. Because, when many viewers see the advertisement at the beginning, they lose patience before the original video starts. However, the next time people recognize you, using this type of ad will not be likely to impair the viewers' patience.
  • Mid-roll ads: The ads that appear during the video are called Mid-roll ads. Many of these advertisements come out in a hurry like TV advertisements.
  • Image ads: This type of advertising is image-centric. In this case a picture or banner of the advertisement is displayed below the original video. If you don't want to show ad videos at the beginning or in the middle of your video, you can use this type of image based Facebook ad.

It's up to you to decide what kind of ads you want to make from Facebook. This issue of freedom to display ads inspires video makers.

02. Income from Facebook through Instant Article Program:

There are lots of news sharing pages on Facebook. They regularly publish links to various articles. Advertising on Facebook is a major source of revenue for websites that promote links.

If you click on the link they promote, along with the article you will see the scattering of various advertisements. Facebook itself provides all these ads. The owner of the website earns a good amount of money by promoting these ads.

The name of this program to earn money from Facebook by displaying advertisements in the articles of the website is "Facebook Instant Article Program".

Released in 2015, the "Facebook Instant Article" program has opened the door for bloggers to open up new possibilities for monetizing Facebook.

One of the fun aspects of the Facebook Instant Article program is that you don't have to worry about "where to place the ad" when it comes to earning money. Facebook automatically does ad placement.

Websites under the "Facebook Instant Articles" program look a lot like Google's AMP pages. As fast as AMP's webpages load, these webpages are completed just as fast. Besides, there are a lot of advertisements on these pages.

How To Make Money From Facebook With Instant Article Program?

First of all, to join the Instant Articles program, you will need a unique article-rich website, a Facebook page and a bank account. It is better to say that regular articles should be published on the website. Facebook does not usually allow websites that publish articles randomly to be associated with the program.

In order to earn money from Facebook in this way, first you have to register in the instant article of Facebook. Then you have to apply for their website to connect with this program as per their guidelines.

Facebook authorities will visit your website. They usually take about 3 days to know if the application has been granted. Once the application is accepted, you can easily start earning money from Facebook.

There are three ways to submit website articles to the Facebook Instant Articles program once the application has been accepted. These are: API, RSS Feed and CMS plugin (built for WordPress users).

Among these methods, API is relatively simple and open to all. The CMS plugin is also an effective approach for WordPress. But after a while, Facebook changes their guidelines and policies, and to keep pace with those changes, plugin developers are unable to update the plugin, much later. This can lead to temporary complications.

03. Income from Facebook through Brand Collab's Manager program:

Facebook's Brand Collab's Manager program is a lot like a sponsorship program. Through this, various big organizations enter into agreements with different Facebook pages to promote their services or products.

Simply put, suppose you have a food review page on Facebook. The page has a fairly good amount of followers. Now, if a restaurant wants to increase its popularity by advertising on your Facebook page or by regularly promoting positive reviews of their restaurant, they can do so with your permission through the process of Brand Collab's Manager and you can easily earn money from Facebook through them at home.

This process is much easier than other methods of making money from Facebook. You do not have to write regular videos or articles to earn money this way. Only using the popularity of the Facebook page is going to make money.

If you want to make money from Facebook by targeting the Brand Collab's Manager program in 2022, you should create a Facebook page centered on the English language.

One more important thing to keep in mind when making money from Facebook through the Brand Collab's Manager program. That is, the niche of the Facebook page!

Suppose you open a page to earn money from Facebook through the Brand Collab's Manager program. Then he started publishing funny videos or jokes to get like comments! While you are hoping that a good restaurant or technology company will sponsor you!

In doing so, a comedy-based organization may sponsor you, but a restaurant or technology company will never sponsor you. This is because, in the case of Brand Collab's Manager programs, the content of the content published on the niche or page serves as a much bigger fact.

Ways to earn money from Facebook through Brand Collab's Manager program:

  • You will not need 10,000 followers like In stream Ads to earn money through Brand Collab's Manager program. With only 1000 followers, the follower based conditions will be fulfilled in this program.
  • However, the condition did not end there. In addition to 1000 followers, we have to fulfill more conditions based on engagement.
  • Engagement-based conditions are 15,000 post engagements in 60 days, or 180,000 minutes of video views in 60 days, or a total of 30,000 views in 1 minute in 60 days, including all 3-minute videos.
  • It is worth mentioning here that the combination of likes, comments and shares in the posts of Facebook page is called engagement. In other words, if someone gives a like to a post uploaded on your Facebook page, then that like will be counted as 1 engagement. Similarly, when someone comments and shares a post, there is 1 hour for the comment and one more engagement count for the share.
  • If I enter your page and like, comment and share in any post on your page, then 3 engagements will increase on your page.
  • Hopefully, you don't have to comply with all of these conditions. Your Facebook page will be ready for the Brand Collab's Manager program if you fulfill any one of the above conditions along with 1,000 followers.

04. Earn money through Facebook by doing Freelancing Job:

The most popular and reliable source of income online is freelancing. Through this we can find any job at our convenience. Things can be done anytime, anywhere.

Freelancing is an independent profession. And those who are associated with freelancing are called freelancers. If you want, you can take freelancing not only as a part time but also as a full time job. You must have some special skills for freelancing.

As well as internet connection will be required. And the third step will require the client; That or those who will give you job opportunities.

The biggest problem in a freelancing career is finding clients. Many people like you are always looking for a job for freelancing. But only a handful of people are getting jobs.

Marketing needed to get clients. Yes, marketing needs your skills just like any other product.

Think about it, if you don't tell anyone about your skills, how will they know how much you know? It is also important to let clients know that you are interested in freelancing. That's why you have to show your skills in front of everyone. And the marketplace needed for this marketing.

Like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Facebook can be a boon for your freelancing career. Thousands of people like you have been joining the freelancing sites for a long time and this number is constantly increasing. So naturally your chances of getting a job are very low. Even if you get a job in 1-2 years, there is no guarantee. In this case, Facebook is ready to give us some additional benefits.

Facebook has a lot of freelancer based groups and pages called Content writer, Freelancer community in worldwide, Freelancer USA group, Success Freelancer, Freelancer Family. If you post your skills here, you can get several clients in 24 hours.

At different times clients post their work descriptions in groups. From there you can find work according to your skills.

In this case, first you need to log in to your Facebook account. Then go to search option and search, many groups will be displayed in the result. Choose the best groups from there.

Once observed, join the group and become an active member of the group. Visit the group regularly and gradually increase your exposure to the group. Within a week you will start getting work.

There is a lot of work for freelancing including Content writing, Web designing, Graphics designing, Programing, SEO, Photoshop, Digital service. Use the skills / abilities you have in them.

Not only can you find clients through Facebook, you can also find solutions to various problems related to freelancing.

05. Earn money from Facebook by participating in various contests online:

Apart from offline, many competitions are also organized online nowadays. These competitions are held on various topics including drawing, recitation of poems, essay writing, design, programming, general knowledge, quiz, self-written story-novel or poetry, music, dance. And the easiest way to find these competitions is Facebook.

Through these online competitions you can earn a fair amount of money from Facebook. Different companies organize different competitions online at different times. The main purpose of the competitions is to increase the reputation of the company.

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for campaigning or marketing new products. By participating in these competitions through Facebook, you can get cash or internship job opportunities as a prize.

About the competitions: You can get almost all the information from Facebook. Facebook can also help you practice for competition. There are lots of different groups on Facebook on each topic. This will allow you to practice regularly for the competition. For example, suppose you take part in a general knowledge contest.

06. Income from Facebook by influencer marketing:

By developing yourself as an influencer, you can earn thousands of rupees from your Facebook account. You can also create a Facebook page for this if you want. The Facebook page works more effectively in this case.

Influencer marketing is the marketing of a company's product on social media using personal identity. It can also be called the latest version of digital marketing.

Influencer is like a modern brand ambassador. A brand ambassador is a person who markets a specific product. That is, the person represents the product.

Only celebrities are brand ambassadors. For example, Grameen phone is new brand ambassador is the world's best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan.

But you don't have to be a big celebrity to be an influencer on Facebook. In this case, you just have to make your profile or page popular. This requires presenting oneself in front of everyone. Influencer marketing is not for you if you do not have the skills to present yourself. Because only such a personality has the power to influence others.

All you need for influencer marketing is a Facebook account or Facebook page. In this case, the biodata in the profile should be quite tidy. Definitely have to have your own skills, expertise, experience, hobbies.

For influencer marketing, you first need to pick a specific topic. Next you have to have all the status or posts centered on that particular topic.

In order to increase followers, you need to share content on specific topics regularly on your profile or Facebook page. As well as the content must be interesting and creative. But they should never be outside of that particular subject.

In this way you have to gradually increase the followers on Facebook profile or page. You have to work hard to keep the followers.

Influencer marketing can be divided into different categories based on the number of followers. The four major divisions are:

  • Nano influencer (10 thousand and below)
  • Micro influencer (10 thousand to 1 lakh)
  • Macro influencer (1 lakh to 10 lakh)
  • Mega influencer (1 million and above)

07. Earnings from Facebook by selling products:

Facebook is a great place to sell products. If you want, you can find buyers on Facebook to sell everything from your old mobile, laptop to motorcycle. You don't have to get up to speed to find a buyer for your product among the billions of users.

Lots of groups are open for buying and selling second hand products online. By joining them you can earn money by selling old products through Facebook.

Also, new products can be sold by opening a Facebook page. There are many online shops that rely entirely on Facebook. If you want to sell products in this way, first buy products from a place at a lower price. Then take pictures of them and spread them on Facebook. Then when someone orders that product, save it at a higher price than you buy. 

08. Income from selling Facebook pages:

Suppose you open a Facebook page to achieve a specific goal or as a hobby. But after a while, the interest to use the page did not remain. What to do then? Leave it?

No! If you want, you can sell your Facebook page without leaving it. If you sell a Facebook page, you can earn a good amount of money based on the quality of the followers and published posts on that page.

Last year I created a Facebook page focusing on hobbies and traveling. Within a few months of publishing a few travel-centric videos, my page had about 35,000 followers. I later sold those videos and the Facebook page with 40,000 followers with 500$.

09. Income from Facebook group 2022:

At present it is possible to earn money from Facebook group. But for that, you have to have a good number of active members in that group. There are some bloggers I know who are earning income from Facebook by renting their Facebook group.

The way to earn money from Facebook group is if you have a good number of active members in your Facebook group, then you can earn money by marketing different companies or products by sharing different links in that group. It is a very simple matter.

The Last Word: 

Facebook pages are a great resource. If you can make a Facebook page popular, you can earn money from it in many ways.

If you have read the whole article carefully, you have mastered all the ways to earn money from Facebook. Now it's time to apply the pen in hand. Hopefully, very soon you will be able to start earning income from Facebook.

Please comment to give your opinion. Share with your friends to find out. Thanks

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