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Schools in America: Internal Rules, Subjects, Conditions of Study

Recently, under Soviet rule, education was considered one of the best in the Soviet Union. Now more and more people are comparing our education system to American. There is a significant difference between them, it is impossible to say which is good and which is bad. Everyone has their own opinion.

The American education system is more democratic. If almost all schools in our country are involved in a curriculum, there is no single plan in the United States. We can say that the American school adheres to a different method of teaching than Russia.

Another difference between American educational institutions is that concepts such as "class" or "classmate" have completely different meanings. Because all the children studying in the same class can hardly be called collective. Although the American school assumes the formation of teams, in most cases it occurs in special classes, which the children then choose for themselves.

Sports activities are one of the most popular sports in the United States, with virtually no institution for children without a well-equipped gym, pool, and stadium.

Education in American schools:

American education is very diverse, so everyone can choose their own path to mastery over knowledge. Each country and each nation has its own value system, traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. 

There is such an attitude in the minds of children from childhood. For example, when a Jewish child is born, his parents tell him that he is the smartest and that he can achieve anything. Perhaps that is why there are so many outstanding scientists and new discoveries in this country.

In American families, a child learns a truth from childhood: life can always have its choices. Not everyone can become a famous physicist or chemist but you can find many other interesting activities for yourself.

In the United States, a place in society and welfare does not depend on the type of activity or your profession, but on success in this field. If you do high level work and a line of clients stands for you, it is not at all embarrassing to be an ordinary car mechanic.

The school has no rigid groups or classes, students are called students and have the right to choose courses that match their tendencies and aspirations in life. If our schools have a common schedule for each class, then each student may have his or her own class schedule.

Each course is evaluated by a certain number of points, which is called credit there. There is even a minimum requirement to go to the next school or for admission in any other educational institution. There are special classes where you are preparing to go to college, but you must have a "personal credit" to be eligible to take part in them.

An American school offers scholarships for children, depending on the size of the "personal loan". This happens when a student has so much credit that it is enough to get two free higher education.

We can say that students have two choices: to achieve everything with their work and skills, or to use parental money for further education.

Another interesting feature is the American school - the child is still studying within the school walls and information about his achievements is transferred to all higher education institutions. 

There are no entrance exams in institutes and universities, each student writes the exams at different times of the year, and at the end of the year the results are sent not only to the academic part of the school but also to the colleges and universities.

After leaving school, each student can only consider requests from different educational institutions to study with them or send requests to them, waiting for the response. So it turns out that you can achieve high results and not just for money, you can enter a reputed university by doing your best.

It doesn't matter how many schools there are in America, but the only determining reason for enrolling in a prestigious university in each of them is your own desires and aspirations. Of course, not everyone is given a good mental capacity, but if you want to study at a university, the state can, with a high aspiration, give you a loan to study, which is paid at the end of graduation.

Secondary education in the United States:

To receive a certificate of education, you must complete three steps in school:

  • Elementary school.
  • Average
  • Superior.

They all have their own requirements and characteristics. Programs and subject lists can also change dramatically.

Primary education: The beginnings of education in America began with primary school. It should be clear that there is no problem in going to school. Some students are picked up by their parents, who are already 16 years old, they can come by car, and the rest are taken by school bus. If a child is sick or disabled, the bus can drive directly to his home. They bring the children home after school. All school buses are yellow, so it's just impossible to confuse them with other public transport.

Often, the primary school building is located in a park and square, has a floor and is quite comfortable inside. A teacher is involved in the class and guides all subjects according to the syllabus. As a rule, children have traditional thematic activities: reading, writing, local language and literature, fine arts, music, mathematics, geography, natural sciences, hygiene, labor and physical education.

Classes are completed considering the skills of the children. Before that, children are tested. However, not all tests are intended to identify the level of readiness for school, but to show the natural tendency of a child and his IQ.

After the test, students are divided into three classes: "A" - gifted child, "B" - normal, "C" - disabled. They work more closely with gifted primary school children and guide them towards higher education. The whole process of primary school education takes five years.

America High School: After graduating from elementary school, the child who received a certain "personal loan" moved to the middle link. The question is, how many grades does an American high school have? As we have learned, training takes three years, respectively, and students move on to grades, and grades 7 and 8. 

High schools, like primary schools, may have their own curriculum in each district. The school week lasts 5 days, and the holidays are twice a year - winter and summer.

The secondary school is usually located in a more spacious building, as it has more students. Training also goes through the credit system. In addition to the compulsory subjects, each child can choose math, English, literature depending on their choice, additional lessons. Towards the end of the year, the exams must be followed, to go to the next class, you must collect a certain number of credits. In secondary school, professional guidance is compulsory, which helps children make their choices in life.

Rules in American schools:

  • School rules exist in any school, but in American they are significantly different from ours. Here are some of them:
  • Walking down corridors during lessons is prohibited.
  • When going to the toilet, the student is given a pass card, which is identified by the teacher on duty at the toilet.
  • If the child misses school, the secretary calls the same day to find out the reason for the absence.
  • You can skip only 18 lessons, if the subject is read throughout the year, if the course takes six months, only 9 skips are allowed.
  • You can't leave school until all the lessons are over, there are video cameras everywhere.

  • Guards keep order at the school, they wear civilian uniforms, but they have weapons.
  • Eating out of hallways and classrooms is prohibited in American schools; This can only be done in a cafeteria or cafe.
  • You cannot carry food and drink with you.
  • Drugs and alcohol are banned, as well as carrying weapons, although such warnings seem quite ridiculous for our schools.
  • Any form of sexual inequality is inevitable. Even putting a hand on a friend's shoulder can be considered sexual harassment.
  • It is forbidden to play cards in class.
  • School rules even contain such a clause as prohibition on cheating.
  • Damage to school property is not allowed.

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